Sunday 12 May 2024

Jan 2024, back in Singapore


Part of what we bought in Turkiye.

Sis bought this for us in Abu Dhabi, it's sweet and weirdly addictive.



Soul and heart still left in Turkiye.  Couldn't believe we tugged back this Turkish tea set.
So in love with Turkish tea.



Saw a kebab stall in Tampines' pasar malam, made me miss Turkiye all over again.  I can never bring myself to eat kebab in Singapore any more...

Apple tea, too glad to have a sip of Turkiye...



Saturday brunch.

Evening we had steamboat at Oakwood.



My Sunday brunch.

Before sending Luis to camp, we had dinner in Jurong Point.

My mala mini lobster noodles were so sinful.  Looked fierce but surprisingly not spicy at all lolxx...

Luis's camp was so so so so horribly far away.  After dropping him had to drive 1hr to reach home, poor old man.






Happiness continued editing travel photos.

Home cooked brunch.  Ready made pancakes from CowHead with Turkish caramel jam spread and not so nice sausage from IKEA.

Dinner had bak kut teh.
Malaysians claimed that their herbal version is authentic, ours is just pepper soup.
Let them win, it's a waste of time fight for such useless authenticity.  Anyway dinner was good at SongFa.



Was at Millenian Walk, never know there's this facade waterfall here.  Felt like a tourist lolxx...
Been here a few times but never looked at it this way.  Meeting a friend, she was late, so I had plenty of time to see around slowly.

The meet up was to pass her my baby sis's YouTrip card.  I brought it along with me to Abu Dhabi and brought it back to Singapore, totally forgotten to pass it to her lolxx...
Our this friend was going to visit her, so I passed it over to her.

We had lunch at Bistro G.  I only remembered to take pics of the tiramisu and coffee.



Had my last survey assignment in Orchard Road.  Made extra effort to walk from Forum Mall to Lucky Plaza for yong tau foo.

Missing Turkiye.



Sunday dinner before Luis went back to camp.



Frozen croissants didn't turn out too well, but was still a good brunch.



Precious cod fish, so long never ate.
Solo brunch was great with porridge.  It was really easy to cook for a 1pax, many ppl thought it was difficult, no idea why...



Another awesome day at home after brunch.  Had thousand and one things to do at home.  But I needed a job to top up my bank account a little.

Old man couldn't resist the cute packaging.  Bought these CNY tibits which I foresee a challenge to eat finish.

How long will you feel happy after an overseas trip?   Actually for me, typically a 15 days trip can last me more than half a year.  A lot of ppl load up their travel photos on the spot, while I took forever, probably their mood die off faster.
Also the coffee/tea and tibits re-tinkle fond memories.  Another dose of apple tea after dinner.



Hot honey lemon tea, dried lemon slices tugged back from Istanbul.



Dinner at Genki Sushi, long queue but we took a number and walked around Uniqlo while waiting.



Brunch.  The frozen croissants didn't really fluff up, but I was sure my scrambled eggs were international super soft standard lolxx... 

Dinner, instructed old man to stir fried soba, else my arms gonna break.
Mix peppers from Italy is going last forever...

A friend gave us mini green apple, nice!



Adam's wheat head from Istanbul grew in an alarming speed lolxx...
Should had kept one for myself, this was for my sis, the rest of the X10++ all gave to old man's colleagues.

Sis out of town for church mission.  Went over to bath my father and cooked dinner.
Didn't really cook, made sukiyaki.
Made tamago, my nephew complained it was too sweet, waahaahaa...

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Tuesday 7 May 2024

15D12N Turkiye/Abu Dhabi - Day 12


It was time to bid Turkiye goodbye, the trip was amazing, enjoyed and love all the places we had been to.  Free & easy highly recommended as metro and ferry were easy in Istanbul.  All the tours in Singapore wasted a lot of time (4 to 10 hours daily) travelling on coach.  We spend about S$3000, all in (including flights, accommodation, food, local tours and hot air balloon, excluding one leg business class flight).

Flying back to Abu Dhabi.

Jan 2024, back in Singapore

08/01/2024 Part of what we bought in Turkiye. Sis bought this for us in Abu Dhabi, it's sweet and weirdly addictive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...